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Focusing on the agricultural research system to develop economically viable location-specific technologies and irrigated areas, and strengthening institutional frameworks for farmers' education and training in improved farm techniques.

Foods with nutritional value give a healthy living that is why our concentration is based on the kind of food produced, nutrients and the way they are consumed.   

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We want to address problems of under-employment, unemployment and malnutrition in rural areas through diversification of agriculture and promotion of horticulture, fisheries, dairy, livestock, poultry, beekeeping, agro allied etc.


Agro-Produce Survey 

According to our research we discovered that additional value in agriculture can only be achieved by a concerted thrust being made in increasing processing, marketing and storage facilities. These are imperative for the development of agro-processing, which are the key areas for development in agriculture.


Increased Productivity

Providing improved variety of seeds, agricultural implements and machinery and other critical inputs to farmers in our field and Increasing agricultural production and productivity, to ensure food security for the rising population.                          


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58, Queen Street Alagomeji, Yaba.


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